MBD Fellowship Nomination Form

MBD invites PIs/research advisors to nominate outstanding PhD students enrolled in years 1-4 of the Ph.D. program for award of MBD fellowships. The nomination packet for the MBD fellowship should be submitted by the research advisor as a single PDF file and should consist of the following:

  • Please upload a single document with the following information included.

    1. Candidate's Name

    2. Candidate's GPA

    3. One-page outline of the planned research project emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of the proposed project. Collaborations between departments are highly encouraged.

    4. One paragraph of existing external funds for materials and supplies for the project or plans to secure funding, if external funding is not available.

    5. Commitment of shared responsibility (3K/year).

    6. Statement of the candidate’s academic potential.

    7. Candidate's CV (provided by the candidate).

    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.