# Name Term Email Faculty Advisor
1 Aneseh Adeshirlarijaney Fall ‘16 [email protected]
Dr. Andrew Gewirtz
2 Stephanie Bowles Fall ‘13 [email protected] Dr. Casonya Johnson
3 Shelley Burnaman Fall ‘14 [email protected] Dr. Irene Weber
4 Mariya Campbell Fall ‘14 [email protected] Dr. Eric Gilbert
5 Kelly Cannon Fall ‘14 [email protected] Dr. Sidney Crow
6 Dan Cui Spring ’16 [email protected] Dr. Margo Brinton
7 Megan Dickherber Fall ‘14 [email protected] Dr. Charlie Benson
8 Chakravarthy Garlapati Summer’15 [email protected] Dr. Ritu Aneja
9 Sai Indurthi Fall ‘12 [email protected] Dr.Parjit Kaur
10 Sergey Klimov Summer’15 [email protected] Dr. Ritu Aneja
11 Daniel Kneller Spring’16 [email protected] Dr. Irene Weber
12 Jonathan Linneman Summer’09 [email protected] Dr. Nicole Lopanik
13 Angela Ogden Summer’12 [email protected] Dr. Ritu Aneja
14 Theresa Owusu Fall ‘14 [email protected] Dr. Casonya Johnson
15 Yu-Chi Peng Fall ‘12 [email protected] Dr. Zehava Eichenbaum
16 Malvika Sharma Fall ‘14 [email protected] Dr. Zhi-Ren Liu
17 Ravi Turaga Fall ‘09 [email protected] Dr. Zhi-Ren Liu
18 Andres Wong Summer ’16 [email protected] Dr. Irene T. Weber
19 Jacob Ball Fall ’16 [email protected] Dr. Giovanni Gadda
20 Nikita Burrows Fall ‘14 [email protected] Dr. Suazette Mooring
21 Manjusha Choudhury Summer ’16 [email protected] Dr. Binghe Wang
22 Shingo Esaki Fall ‘14 [email protected] Dr. Aimin Liu
23 Ryan Gumpper Summer ’16 [email protected]dent.gsu.edu Dr. Ming Luo
24 Narinder Harika Spring’16 [email protected] Dr. David Wilson
25 Brad Kossman Summer’14 [email protected] Dr. Ivaylo Ivanov
26 Maksim Kvetny Fall ‘12 [email protected] Dr. Gangli Wang
27 Sarah Laughlin Spring ‘14  [email protected] Dr. David W. Wilson
28 Mani Salarian Spring’16 [email protected] Dr.Jenny Yang
29 Brian Somba Spring’16 [email protected] Dr.Binge Wang
30 Dan Su Spring ’15 [email protected] Dr. Giovanni Gadda
31 Rizvan Uluisik Summer’14 [email protected] Dr. Dabney Dixon
  Computer Science
32 Alexander Artyomenka Fall ‘13 [email protected] Dr. Alex Zelikovsky
Sunitha Basodi
Summer ’16 [email protected] Dr. Yi Pan
34 Zaobo He Summer ’16 [email protected] Dr. Zhipeng Cai
Sergey Knyazev
Fall ’16 [email protected] Dr. Alex Zelikovsky
36 Bing Li Fall ’15 [email protected] Dr. Raj Sunderraman
Andrii Malnyk
Fall ’16 [email protected]  Dr. Pavel Skums
38 Igor Mandric Fall ‘15 [email protected]  Dr. Alex Zelikovsky
39 Kate Gerasimov (Ekaterina Nenastyeva) Fall ‘13 [email protected] Dr. Alex Zelikovsky
40 Chinua Umoja Fall ‘13 [email protected] Dr. Robert Harrison
41 Xueli Xiao Fall ’16 [email protected] Dr. Yi Pan
  Mathematics and Statistics
42 Xiuxiu He (14.5K) Fall’13 [email protected] Dr. Yi Jiang
43 Alex Pritchett Fall ’16 [email protected] Dr. Yi Jiang
44 Guanhao Wei Spring’16 [email protected] Dr. Remus Osan
           Physics and Astronomy 
45 Hemendra Chmire Summer ’16 [email protected] Dr. Unil Perera
46 Hiroki Makita Fall ‘14 [email protected] Dr. Gary Hastings

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