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Congratulations to MBD Fellows Lu Huo and Co-Author Ian Davis for Recent Publication

Posted On December 19, 2014
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Crystallographic and spectroscopic snapshots reveal a dehydrogenase in action

ABSTRACT Aldehydes are ubiquitous intermediates in metabolic pathways, and their innate reactivity can often make them quite unstable. There are several aldehydic intermediates in the metabolic pathway for tryptophan degradation which can decay into neuroactive compounds that have been associated with numerous neurological diseases. An enzyme… more »

Congratulations to MBD Fellow Jonathan Linneman for Recent Publication

Posted On October 8, 2014
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Mutualistic relationships are beneficial for both partners and are often studied within a single environment. However, when the range of the partners is large, geographical differences in selective pressure may shift the relationship outcome from positive to negative. The marine bryozoan Bugula neritina is a colonial invertebrate common in temperate waters worldwide. It is the… more »

The MBDAF announces winners from the 2014 Graduate Research Day

Posted On June 13, 2014
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Thanks to all the faculty and students who participated in making the 2014 MBDAF Graduate Research Day a great success. Posters and oral presentations were judged by an interdisciplinary faculty committee who awarded the following prizes to these deserving MBDAF graduate fellows:

Oral presentation winners Oral 1st place ($200.00), Yijin Liu, Department of Chemistry Oral… more »